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Alone Together 2CD

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Alone Together  2CD


Format CD
Type Dystrybucja
Added on Tuesday, 17 September 2013
Number of discs 2


QUIDAM Alone Together (the definitive super jewel case edition) (2CD)
wznowienie tym razem w wersji dwu płytowej
CD 1:
1. different 3:16  
2. kinds of solitude at night 6:00  
3. depicting colours of emotions 10:18  
4. they are there to remind us 7:49  
5. of illusions 8:04  
6. we lost 8:26  
7. one day we find 6:46  
8. we are alone together... 8:20  
9. ... but strong together 4:25  
CD 2:
1. Different 3:49  
2. Kinds Of Solitude At Night 6:20  
3. One Day We Find (including excerpt from "Red") 8:33  
4. Depicting Colours Of Emotions 10:24  
5. We Lost (including excerpt from "Walkin' Around The Stormy Bay")11:14  
6. They Are There To Remind Us (including excerpt from "Riders On The Storm") 11:21  
7. Of Illusions 12:24  
8. We Are Alone Together 9:21  

9. ... But Strong Together 4:45

music by Zbyszek Florek, Maciek Meller, Bartek Kossowicz, Mariusz Ziółkowski, Maciek Wróblewski
lyrics by Bartek Kossowicz and Marta Nowosielska

Zbyszek Florek - keyboards
Maciek Meller - guitars, backing vocals
Bartek Kossowicz - vocals, backing vocals
Mariusz Ziółkowski - bass guitars, backing vocals
Maciek Wróblewski - drums, percussion
Jacek Zasada - flutes

guests on CD 1:
Emila Nazaruk - backing vocals on "kinds of solitude at night"
Piotr Nazaruk - xaphoon on "different" and zither on "kinds of solitude at night"
Piotr Rogóż - alto sax on "we lost"

guests on CD 2:
Tylda Ciołkosz - violin
Piotr Rogóż - alto sax
Michał Florczak - visuals on "Alone Together"

Produced by Zbyszek Florek and Maciek Meller
Executive Producer - Piotr "DJ Kosiak" Kosiński

CD 1
Recorded at Islands Studio and Teatr Miejski, Inowrocław, June - August 2007
Mixed at Radio Merkury Studio, Poznań, September 2007
Mixed by Joachim Krukowski and Zbyszek Florek
Mixed using APS Spanily studio monitors

CD 2
Recorded live at "OSKARD" Konin April 18th 2009
Sound mix: Robert Szydło with a little help from Quidam
Additional work: Zbyszek Florek

Cover art and booklet design - Michał Florczak

DTP - Michał Florczak and Maciek Stachowiak

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